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Central ACs and Ductless ACs: Which One’s Best?
Every home is different and comes with its own set of needs. What works for one home may not work for another. When considering a new AC system, it’s important to know the differences between central AC and ductless AC. Both systems come with various benefits and setbacks.

In this blog, as summer is still heating up, one can learn about the best AC system for their home. Interested parties can continue reading to learn more or consult a local HVAC professional.

Choosing Between Central Air Conditioning & Ductless Air Conditioning
What’s a Central Air Conditioning System? What Are its Benefits?
Central air conditioning systems are common in newer homes. They rely on a series of metal tunnels (also called air ducts) in the ceilings to transfer hot or cold air to different parts of the house.
Some of the benefits of central AC units include:

Central AC units also have a very generous lifespan. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a central AC can last 15 years with proper maintenance. Maintenance itself is easy. One only needs to replace their air filters once every three months and schedule annual maintenance visits to keep their systems up and running.

Choosing Between Central Air Conditioning & Ductless Air Conditioning
What Are Mini-Split Systems? What Are the Benefits?
Unlike centralized AC systems, mini-split systems do not require air ducts or cool the entire house at the same temperature. They generally have units placed in multiple areas around the home; each unit can be programmed at different temperatures.

Some benefits of ductless mini split systems include:

Some homeowners don’t like looking at ductless air conditioning systems. However, this could be a perfect choice if one lives in an older house without air ducts and doesn’t mind looking at an AC system.

Other Examples of AC Systems
Choosing a new AC system isn’t limited to centralized AC systems and ductless mini-split units. Homeowners also have these options:

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