What’s Covered Under My HVAC Warranty?


Buying a new home is so exciting — and it can be a big headache if the HVAC system in your new construction home isn’t working. Luckily, most units have a warranty for the unlikely event that something goes wrong. Here’s what you need to know about your HVAC warranty before scheduling your service call:

What IS NOT Covered

Typically, anything determined to be routine maintenance is not covered. This includes:

  • changing your filter
  • putting batteries in your thermostat
  • turning on the power switch
  • flipping a breaker
  • turning the electrical disconnect
What IS Covered

If our techs determine that your unit has a mechanical failure that is not due to negligence, repair or replacement could be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. For your peace of mind, Stuart Pro Heating & Air offers a warranty on all workmanship on your HVAC system, including duct work and seals, for one (1) year after your closing date.

Stuart Comfort Plan

To help eliminate any unexpected costs or repairs, we recommend new home buyers sign up for our Stuart Comfort Plan — this convenient service agreement ensures your units are checked and cleaned twice a year by a trained technician, which also validates the manufacturer’s warranty.

To speak directly with one of our specialists about your warranty, call us at 770-813-1316.