Understanding the True Cost of Freon


It’s 90 degrees outside. You set the thermostat on 68 but it keeps reading 74, only cooling to 68 at night. Your Stuart Pro service technician comes out and confirms what you thought – there’s a freon leak.

You’re faced with a dilemma: do you add more freon or replace the entire system? Adding more freon seems like the better, and less expensive option. ‘

But is it really? Consider this, if you have an older system that uses R22 (freon), by 2020 you’ll be paying more (potentially a lot more) to refill or service it. That’s the year R22 will no longer be manufactured.

And even if you have a newer system, just adding more freon is still only a band aid. Over time, the leak may go from a pinhole leak to a larger leak. Additionally, it may cost thousands to repair the leak. Even if you don’t repair but just keep refilling the system, you’re still spending hundreds of dollars on a broken system that’s polluting our air.

The best solution? Install a new system. Yes, it may cost more upfront but in the long run it will save money, increase efficiency and be better on the environment – and help you keep your cool.

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