Trade New Year’s Resolutions for 12 Smaller Goals


People make BIG resolutions every year on January 1st, but it’s rare those resolutions get fulfilled. Why not try something new and less discouraging? Instead of 1 resolution this year, make 12 smaller goals. Sound crazy? Sound like more work? It isn’t! It’s much more sensible and do-able.

For instance, if your New Year’s Resolution is: I want to feel better and get into shape – that’s an awesome resolution, but it isn’t specific enough. So, let’s break it down into 12 smaller goals, which add on to one another as the year goes on:

January: 10,000 steps per day

February: Drink more water

March: 50 sit-ups per day

April: Add a vegetable to two meals per day (snacks count!)

May: Do an outdoor activity – gardening, biking, playing a sport – at least once a week.

June: Push up challenge! Count how many pushups you can do at the beginning of the month versus the end of the month.

July: You’re doing great, but you may start to get bored at this point, so this month’s goal is to find a health-buddy! Someone who will exercise with you, trade recipes with you, and support you in your goals.

August: Add 10 minutes of stretching to your day

September: Increase steps to 12,000 per day

October: Go to bed 30 minutes earlier

November: Stop drinking caffeine after 3:00

December: Reflect on your year. Journal about what worked and what didn’t. Make a plan for your goals next year. What will you continue to do, what will you add?

If you stay true to your small goals, by the end of 2019, you will be stretching, doing 12,000 steps per day, drinking more water, doing pushups and sit-ups, eating more vegetables, getting more sleep, less caffeine, and you will have a health buddy to help and encourage you! You will feel better and be in better shape. If you tried to accomplish all of this at once, it would be virtually impossible, but spreading the goals out over year makes it much more likely that you will achieve the results you want.

This can be done for any resolution! Want to declutter your house? Space it out over a year. Want to read more or save money? Start small in January (read a blog article a day, skip expensive Starbucks) and build up to December (You’re reading tw books a month, and you’ve saved enough to go on vacation).

We believe in you! Now, what are your goals for 2019?