Tips on Preparing Your Heat Pump and Furnace for Winter


Sweltering temperatures have given way to the cooler breezes of fall. It’s a relief to all of us. While you’re enjoying all that fall brings, do a quick check to be sure that your heat pump is prepared for the winter months. A broken AC in summer is awful, but so is a faulty heat pump in winter! Frozen toes and fingers are no fun. 

Change Your Air Filters 

It’s really important to change your filters regularly! We have an entire article here that explains the impact that dirty air filters have on your HVAC system. 

Check Your Thermostat’s Accuracy 

It’s simple to check if your thermostat is reading the temperature correctly. Tape an outdoor bulb thermometer next to your indoor thermostat. Set your heater to the desired indoor temperature. Wait. When the thermostat says that the indoor temperature has risen to your specifications, ensure that the thermostat and thermometer readings match. If they don’t, give us a call. 

Don’t Override the Preset Temperatures 

Overriding your thermostat’s programmed automatic settings doesn’t cool or heat your house faster. All it does is force the backup fans to run and use more expensive heating or cooling sources. Set your thermostat to “auto” and not on “fan.”

Give Stuart Pro A Call

Sometimes, you just have to give the professionals a call. If you’ve tried everything and your heater still isn’t adequately warming your home, then it’s time to give us a call. We never want you to suffer from heat or cold a minute longer than you have to. Call on Stuart Pro! We’re here to help. 770.813.1316