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Holding a Community Event


It may be hard to believe, but warmer weather is just around the corner! Chances are, there are lots of friends you haven’t seen over the cold winter months. Here are some ideas to bring your community together.

Hold a Trivia Night

A trivia/quiz night is fun for both large and small groups. All you have to do is find a place to hold the event, get some questions together, find an entertaining master of ceremonies, and invite your friends to participate. Once you have a core group of people attending, the numbers begin to expand as your friends form teams.

Don’t forget to encourage friendly competition!

Gather a Gardening Gang

Trivia is fun, but if you’re longing for fresh air and time spent outdoors then gather some like-minded friends and beautify your community together. Find a green space overwhelmed by weeds, a small park that needs some TLC, or even a school whose playground could use some freshening up. Break out your shovel and spades and get to work. Pulling weeds, picking up litter, and planting some flowers can do wonders to a once neglected space. And, best of all, you and your ‘gardening gang’ can take real pleasure in the work you have done.

Swap it up!

Do you have a bike that’s just sitting in your garage? What about shoes and clothes that are still in excellent condition, but your kids have outgrown them? Instead of throwing your stuff out, swap with someone in your community! Exchanges work well in school cafeterias or gyms. Designate a day for everyone to bring in their unwanted items, and let the swapping begin! If you have leftover pieces at the end of the day, bring them to your local Goodwill or other charity shops.

Garage Sale

A garage sale is similar to a swap day except that you collect money instead of swapping. A giant garage sale can be a great way to raise funds for community projects like planting trees, painting public areas, etc.

Holding a community event is a great way to bring people together, get to know your neighbors better, and even make your area a more beautiful place to live.


Throw an Unforgettable Super Bowl Party


You’ve planned your menu, invited your guests, and made sure there is plenty of comfortable seating for everyone around the television. So far, so good. But how do you make a Super Bowl party genuinely unforgettable? We suggest adding fun and memorable party games that people can play at half time, during timeouts, or anytime the game is a little slow. You can award prizes to the winners, or you can play just for fun and bragging rights! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Super Bowl Bingo

Go online and search for ‘Super Bowl Bingo’ or ‘Super Bowl Commercial Bingo’ and there are lots of options to print out. Super Bowl Bingo makes watching football more interactive for everyone as participants try to fill in their cards.

Football Coloring Pages

Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore! Many adults love coloring and consider it a stress-reducing activity. There are lots of printable football coloring sheets online. Print them out, set out the colors, and watch your guests furiously scribble when the game gets tense!

Hula Hoop Football Throw

Hang a few hula hoops at differing heights outdoors. Then designate how far participants must be from the hoops to throw. Whoever gets the most balls through the circle is the winning quarterback. As an extra challenge, participants can also be required to run/jog as they throw the ball.

Football LEGOs

If children are attending your party, a LEGO Football Building Set is sure to be a hit. Children will become immersed in building what they see on the television screen, and we wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few adults ended up playing with the LEGOs as well!

Score the Commercials

For some people, the Super Bowl’s creative commercials are just as entertaining as the game. Make scorecards out of heavy paper or poster boards, and popsicle sticks. You can create your own scoring system, or number the cards 1 – 5 with 1 being ‘Awesome!’ and 5 being ‘Borrrring!’

‘Kick’ the Football through the Goalpost

This game is an update on Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Cut out footballs from construction paper. The balls can be any color, or you can stick to traditional brown. Get some painter’s tape – available at any hardware store – and make a goal post on the wall. Blindfold players, spin them around, and let go! Anyone who manages to stick a football between the upright posts wins!

Halftime Boogie

Not a fan of the band chosen to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show? Turn down the volume on your television and turn up your favorite playlist. Invite everyone to dance around the house. After sitting for so long, it will be a relief to stand up and move around, and dancing will also release some stress if your team is losing.

If you try any of our suggested activities, please tag us on Facebook when you share your photos.


9 Troubleshooting Tips for Furnaces on the Fritz


The furnace is broken! Or is it? Before you pick up the phone to call for help, here are some basic troubleshooting tips you can try first.

Tip 1: Find your owner’s manual

Owner’s manual? Didn’t that come in the box with a bunch of other papers and plastic? Chances are you’ve already thrown it away, misplaced it, or buried it at the bottom of your junk drawer. But never fear! Most manuals are now easy to find online. Check out any tips and pointers that the manual recommends for your particular thermostat and furnace. The solution to your problem could be just a mouse click away.

Tip 2: Check the thermostat to make sure it’s on

Have you ever had problems with your computer or an appliance only to discover later that it wasn’t plugged in or turned on? Sometimes, the easiest solution is the best one. So double-check to make sure your thermostat is on and set correctly.

Move the thermostat setting to “heat” to confirm that it is telling the furnace to turn on. Next, check the temperature setting. Set the temperature 10 degrees warmer than the current room temperature. If the furnace responds by coming on, your problem is solved. If it doesn’t respond, carry on with the following steps.

Replace the thermostat battery! If there is a power outage and your battery is dead, your thermostat will revert to default settings. If your thermostat displays the day and time, be sure that it is showing the correct settings.
Follow the thermostat wires back to the furnace. If you find a break in one of the wires, splice them back together and wrap the wires with electrical tape. Clean the thermostat by gently blowing out any dust or debris. Check that all wires and parts are secure and that the thermostat adheres firmly to the wall.

Tip 3: Check that the furnace is on

You’ve checked, and your thermostat is on—great! Now confirm that your furnace is also on. All furnaces, no matter the brand or type, have a standard wall switch on or near the furnace. If the switch is in the ‘on’ position, then move on to the circuit breaker or fuse to be sure that they are on. Finally, find the front panel that covers the blower motor (this is where your owner’s manual will come in handy!) and make sure it is securely fastened.

Tip 4: Make sure the gas is on

Warm weather arrived, someone turned off the gas and then, of course, forgot to turn it back on. An easy mistake to make, and a straightforward fix! Follow the gas line from the furnace to the meter and observe the handle which should be parallel to the gas pipe. If it’s not, turn it until it is. If you have an older furnace or boiler, then it’s likely you have a pilot light. Check to see if it’s lit.

Tip 5: Change your filters

Did you know that a clogged furnace filter can cause your entire furnace to turn off? Dirty/dusty filters are the most common cause of furnace problems. And it’s such an easy, inexpensive thing to fix. Just remove your old filter and replace it with a new one. Filters should be changed more frequently if you have children, pets, or someone living in your home who has respiratory difficulties.

Tip 6: Check that the chimney exhaust flue is clear

Unfortunately, birds occasionally fall into the chimney exhaust flue because the warm air attracts them. To see if it is clear, turn your furnace off and your thermostat all the way down. Disassemble the duct where it exits the furnace and check for dust, debris, etc. Reassemble when all parts are clean.

Tip 7: Flush out drain lines

In the same way that a dirty filter can wreck a furnace’s efficiency and shut it down, clogged drain lines can do the same. Drain lines are often blocked by sediment or even mold growth (yuck). If your drain hose looks dirty, remove it, fill it with a mixture of 25% bleach and 75% water, wait a few minutes, and then flush it out.

Tip 8: Check your register vents and ducts

The furnace turns on, and your house is warming up—except for one or two rooms which are still cold. The first step is to be sure that all register vents are open. If they are, then it is time to examine ductwork. Look for gaps between sections and seal any gaps or holes with metal duct tape only. Standard cloth duct tape will not hold up over time and may even cause future leaks. Finally, make sure all control dampers are open.

Tip 9: Clean debris from heat pumps or intake and exhaust vents

If your furnace vents out of the side of your house, make sure nothing is blocking the intake or exhaust. It’s normal for leaves and other debris to get caught. If ice is clogging one of the pipes, you have a bigger problem. Clear the ice and call Stuart Pro for assistance. Finally, if you have a heat pump, clear away grass and leaves and hose it down gently to rid it of dirt and debris.

If you have tried all of the above to no avail, then chances are something more serious has gone wrong with your furnace. Pick up the phone anytime, day or night, to get help from Stuart Pro Heating & Air. We’ll have your home warmed up in no time.


Trade New Year’s Resolutions for 12 Smaller Goals


People make BIG resolutions every year on January 1st, but it’s rare those resolutions get fulfilled. Why not try something new and less discouraging? Instead of 1 resolution this year, make 12 smaller goals. Sound crazy? Sound like more work? It isn’t! It’s much more sensible and do-able.

For instance, if your New Year’s Resolution is: I want to feel better and get into shape – that’s an awesome resolution, but it isn’t specific enough. So, let’s break it down into 12 smaller goals, which add on to one another as the year goes on:

January: 10,000 steps per day

February: Drink more water

March: 50 sit-ups per day

April: Add a vegetable to two meals per day (snacks count!)

May: Do an outdoor activity – gardening, biking, playing a sport – at least once a week.

June: Push up challenge! Count how many pushups you can do at the beginning of the month versus the end of the month.

July: You’re doing great, but you may start to get bored at this point, so this month’s goal is to find a health-buddy! Someone who will exercise with you, trade recipes with you, and support you in your goals.

August: Add 10 minutes of stretching to your day

September: Increase steps to 12,000 per day

October: Go to bed 30 minutes earlier

November: Stop drinking caffeine after 3:00

December: Reflect on your year. Journal about what worked and what didn’t. Make a plan for your goals next year. What will you continue to do, what will you add?

If you stay true to your small goals, by the end of 2019, you will be stretching, doing 12,000 steps per day, drinking more water, doing pushups and sit-ups, eating more vegetables, getting more sleep, less caffeine, and you will have a health buddy to help and encourage you! You will feel better and be in better shape. If you tried to accomplish all of this at once, it would be virtually impossible, but spreading the goals out over year makes it much more likely that you will achieve the results you want.

This can be done for any resolution! Want to declutter your house? Space it out over a year. Want to read more or save money? Start small in January (read a blog article a day, skip expensive Starbucks) and build up to December (You’re reading tw books a month, and you’ve saved enough to go on vacation).

We believe in you! Now, what are your goals for 2019?


9 Easy Tips to Keep Your Home Warm


Brrrr! Winter is definitely here. Here are 9 tips to keep your home warm – and your family happy! – all season long.

1. Curtains

Open your curtains during the day to let in sunlight and heat and close them as soon as the sun sets. Take it one step further in the winter and hang thicker curtains or even invest in curtains with a thermal lining to keep the cold out.

2. Is furniture blocking your vents?

Spend 10 minutes checking your entire house to be sure that furniture isn’t blocking a vent and the hot air it’s feeding into your home. Moving furniture even a few inches can make a big difference in how warm a room is.

3. Block Draughts

Have you ever heard of a sausage dog draught excluder? If not, do a quick internet search! These draught-blockers are super cute as well as incredibly useful in blocking door and window draughts. You can also install self-adhesive rubber seals around doors and windows to prevent cold air from entering your home.

Sometimes draughts aren’t obvious, but even a little cold air entering your home can make a big difference in how easily and quickly your home can heat up. Here’s a handy trick to check for draughts: Carry a lit candle throughout your home and hold it completely still in front of closed doors and windows. If it flickers, you have a possible gap.

4. Block Your Chimney

Did you know that when your chimney isn’t in use, it is allowing cold air into your home? There are all kinds of products such as chimney pillows, balloons, and plugs that can be placed in your chimney when it is not in use that prevents cold air from entering your home.

5. Dog and Cat Pet Doors

Is your pet in for the night? Insulate that pet door! Something as simple as placing a blanket in front of your pet door keeps cold air out, and warm air in.

6. Shut the door!

Many people have unused or little-used rooms in their homes. Close the vents in unused rooms and keep the doors to those rooms shut. In rooms that are used frequently, you can also shut the door to keep warm air in. For instance, if you have an office space in your home, you can open all the vents in the room and then shut the door on a Sunday afternoon. By Monday morning, your office will be nice and toasty for you!

7. Turn on the ceiling fan.

You read that right! Most fans have a “winter” setting, which reverses the fan so that it spins clockwise rather than counterclockwise. Since heat rises, the clockwise-spinning fan pushes heat back down into your rooms instead of being trapped up at the ceilings. Just be sure to keep your fan on its lowest setting so that it doesn’t cool the air as it is pushed down into the room.

8. Bake!

‘Tis the season for sweet baked goods, roasted chicken and turkey, and casseroles! Using your oven to make warming meals for your family also heats your home.

9. Cover your floors

Bare floors, especially wooden floors, account for up to 10% of a home’s heat loss. While cool floors feel great in the summer, they turn uncomfortably cold in the winter. Place rugs onto wooden floors to keep your feet and your home warm.

Still having trouble heating your home? Call on us! At Stuart Pro Heating & Air, we are here to help anytime day or night: 770.813.1316

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The Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier


Adding humidity to a home in the South may sound crazy, but as outdoor temperatures plunge, and you turn the heater on, the air in your home can quickly become uncomfortably dry.

Common signs that the air in your home is too dry are:

  • Getting zapped by static electricity
  • Dry skin
  • Cracked lips
  • Itchy eyes
  • Nosebleeds
  • Irritated nasal passages
  • Scratchy throat
  • Increased illnesses
  • Cracked wood and peeling paint

After temperature, humidity is the most important factor in determining your family’s comfort level. A whole house humidifier is the most efficient way to find the perfect balance of humidity in your home. Whole house humidifiers work with your existing heating and cooling system to add the just-right amount of moisture into the air. The level of humidity is then monitored and controlled by your thermostat.

The Benefits of a Whole House Humidifier


Have you ever wondered why you catch more colds in the winter? It’s because cold and flu viruses thrive in low humidity environments. Our respiratory systems have a mucous membrane that defends our bodies from germs and viruses. To do its job well, the mucous membrane must remain moist. When it dries out, our throat and nasal passages become raw and irritated, and we are unable to fight off illnesses. Putting humidity back into your home can reduce the incidence of respiratory ailments and allergies. And if you do become ill, a whole house humidifier makes your symptoms more manageable and speeds recovery.

Your skin will also thank you for increasing the humidity in your home during cold, dry months. Chapped and cracking lips, dry skin, dermatitis, and eczema are vastly improved with the addition to moisture in your home.


People report that they sleep better in homes with whole house humidifiers. In general, this is attributed to being healthier and not being woken up by coughing, sore throats, and sneezing. Also, people snore less when their respiratory systems aren’t dried out.


Cracked skin, chapped lips, and sore throats do not have to be a given in the winter months. You can improve and even eliminate symptoms like these by increasing the humidity – and the comfort level – in your home. You can also prevent or lessen the effects of asthma attacks and allergy symptoms by installing a whole house humidifier.


Did you know that humid air feels warmer than dry air at the same temperature? It’s true! Humidified, heated air allows you to keep your thermostat set several degrees lower while enjoying the same comfort level throughout your home. This, of course, saves you money on your heating bill! According to the EPA, you can save up to 4% on your heating bill for every degree you lower your thermostat.


Dry air wreaks havoc on your respiratory system, and it does the same thing to porous materials in your home. Artwork, furniture, woodwork, wood floors, pianos and other musical instruments, plaster, and paint can all be adversely affected by dry air in the home.

Now that you know more about the benefits of whole house humidifiers, give us a call to see if installing a system is the right step for you.

Please don’t hesitate to ask questions to get the information you need to have a healthier, more comfortable, winter.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

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Transitioning Your HVAC System From Summer to Fall


October is a tricky time of year temperature-wise. You leave for work all bundled up in the morning, and by lunchtime, after you’ve peeled off your jacket and scarf, you’re wondering why in the world you wore a sweater! It can be the same with getting the temperature right in your home or business.

Think of the fall season as a pause between the extreme heat of summer, and the frigid cold of winter. It is actually the perfect time to prepare your HVAC system for colder weather.

Here are our tips for transitioning your HVAC system from summer to fall.

Begin Using Your Air Conditioner Less

Take advantage of cooler evenings and mornings by turning the air conditioner off and turning your fans on. If it is especially nice outdoors, you may want to open windows and allow fresh air to circulate throughout your home.

What’s that smell?

After having your heater off for a year or more, it’s normal to notice a burning smell when you first turn it on. The heater is burning off dust that has accumulated over the year. The smell should go away within a few minutes. It is also wise to change your air filter when you first turn on the heater so that trapped dust, pet hair, etc., isn’t contributing to the smell.

If the burning smell doesn’t go away, then you may have a larger problem.

When a burning smell is a cause for serious concern:
• Your heater smells smoky or oily
• It smells like electrical wires are burning
• It smells like burning rubber
• There is a persistent musty/mildew smell

If your heater smells like any of the above, please contact us as soon as possible.

Tidy up and check for moisture

Vacuum dust away from your furnace blower and return air vents. Make sure that furniture or other objects aren’t blocking vents from easily taking in air. Check to see if there is condensation on your windows or vent pipe. Other signs of moisture buildup include bubbling or chipping paint on windowsills, mold, and mildew growing on windows and wood trim, and rust around vent pipes.

What’s that sound?

Bump. Thump. SQUEAK! If your HVAC system is making sounds you’ve never heard before, then it’s time to give us a call. Strange, persistent sounds usually indicate a problem that is best addressed before the cold weather sets in.

Schedule a Professional Maintenance with Stuart Pro

Just like a vehicle, your HVAC system functions best when it is tuned up and running efficiently. This means cleaner, more comfortable air for you, cost savings on utility bills, and extended life for your unit. Plus, identifying and fixing minor problems helps you avoid expensive repairs in the future. Bonus: it also validates the manufacturer’s warranty for your units with certified, twice-a-year service.

Do you have questions about any of the above or concerns that your HVAC system isn’t running as smoothly as it could? Don’t hesitate to give us a call! We are always happy to talk to you. 770-813-1316


Fun-for-All Fall Festivals! 


We are incredibly lucky to live in an area that focuses so much on community – and fun! With cool weather approaching, some of the best festival and events in Georgia are nearby or a short drive away. We’ve compiled a list below of some of the most interesting festivals we’ve heard about and are interested in attending. Carnival rides, concerts, petting zoos, hot air balloon rides – there’s so much fun to be had!

Thurs – Sunday, Sept 27 – 30, 2018
Duluth, GA

• A very large festival that draws big crowds
• Concerts
• Carnival with a variety of rides and games
• Parade
• Cotton candy, caramel apples, snow cones, and other favorites

All proceeds from the Festival are used towards improving and beautifying Historic Downtown Duluth.

Click Here for more information.


Fri, Oct 5, 2018, 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM
Dacula, GA

• A fun, hands-on, interactive tour
• Feed the animals at the petting zoo.
• Milk a goat! Meet the honey bees! Groom a pony!
• Dig in worm bins and learn about composting.
• Hayride
• Bring lunch and enjoy a picnic under our covered pavilions.
• The Farmer’s Market will be open.

Click Here for more information.

Fri, Oct 5 – Sun, Oct 7, 2018
Alpharetta, GA

• Bring the whole family to enjoy street food flavors from all over the world.
• Exciting cultural performances
• Arts and crafts
• Kids Zone
• Cooking demonstration tent
• Shopping areas, a bar, and more!
• Children ages 12 and under are FREE.

Click Here for more information.

Sat, Oct 6th from 12:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Duluth, GA

• A celebration of Beer and Wine on the Duluth Town Green
• Sample 75+ craft beers and 25+ wines.
• Live local music
• Local food trucks
• Adult game zone
• Community vendors and artists

Click Here for more information.

Sat, Oct 6, 2018, 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Gainesville, GA

Experience the Lake Lanier Lantern festival, where thousands gather to listen to live music, enjoy the treats from a variety of food trucks, and light up the lake by sharing personal wishes, dreams, and goals via personalized water lanterns.

At the perfect moment, everyone ignites their lantern then lets it take flight across the lake. Enjoy the surreal ambiance as time slows and your lantern floats away to join thousands of others under the night sky.

Click Here for more information.

Friday, October 12, 2018, 6:00 PM
Duluth, GA

A night of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math.

Students from the Duluth school cluster showcase their project-based learning projects. Students will show off their real-world applications, investigations and more!

• Food trucks
• Music
• Live artist demonstrations

Click Here for more information.

Sun, Oct 14, 2018, 12:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Roswell, GA

• Crafts
• Pet and Feed Farm Animals (goats, sheep, and chickens)
• Live Music
• Bounce House
• Lawn Games
• Fire Pit with S’mores
• Hot Cider/Hot Cocoa Bar
• Farm Tour
• Food Trucks (Pitmaster Valentine Brothers BBQ and Hole in the Wall)
• Pumpkin Patch (100% of the sales of the pumpkins goes to Atlanta Community Food Bank)
• Bake Sale (The Flour Artisan)

Click Here for more information.

Sat, Oct 20, 2018, 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Suwanee, GA

The Alive! Festival is an annual non-profit Community Family Festival benefiting Project Green.

• Local Product Vendors
• Artists
• Food
• Live music
• Kids Area

Click Here for more information.

Sat, Oct 27, 2018, 3:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Buford, GA

• Huge outdoor Fall Festival
• Stage Performances
• Costume contest
• Bounce houses
• Popcorn
• Face painting
• Pumpkin painting
• Vendors
• Shopping
• Giveaways

Click Here for more information.


Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality


Summer is coming to an end and Fall is quickly approaching. Soon we’ll be putting on sweaters, sipping hot beverages, and raking up way too many leaves. We can almost smell the pumpkin spice! As temperatures cool, the team at Stuart Pro starts to think about indoor air quality.

Did you know that the air inside your home or office can be more polluted than the air outside?

Modern homes are far more airtight than houses in the past. Meaning, when we shut our windows to keep cold air out, we’re also keeping in dust mites, chemicals from household cleaners, radon, etc. As our homes have become more energy efficient, they’ve also become a haven for allergens. During the winter when we are indoors more, this is of particular concern.

Indoor air pollution worsens asthma symptoms and other respiratory issues. It can also irritate the throat, eyes, nose, and lungs. Dreading cold and flu season? Improving the air quality in your home can help reduce the chances of getting sick, and if you do fall ill, symptoms tend to be less severe in a home or business with good air quality.

The good news is that there is plenty you can do to improve the air quality in your home or business.

Change your air filter once a month.

Air filters are the first line of defense for keeping the air in your home clean and healthy. Be sure to replace your filters once a month.  Make sure to review our Air Filter Video.

Open the windows!

There are many weeks in the year where it is impossible to let fresh air in for any length of time. So you must strike quickly when an opportunity presents itself. If an unseasonably warm December day or cool June afternoon arrives, open the windows for as long as the weather permits.

Make your home a shoe-free zone.

It is amazing how many pollutants and allergens we track into our homes on our shoes. Remove your shoes at the door. You can designate indoor-only shoes, put on cozy slippers in the winter, and go barefoot in the summer! And be sure to have doormats placed at all of the entrances to your home. Pollutants will end up on the mat and not in your living space.

Bring some green indoors.

Plants are not only lovely to look at, but they can improve the air quality in your home. Some common, easy-to-care-for plants that will improve indoor air quality include: rubber plant, aloe vera, English ivy, Boston fern, peace lily, and spider plant.

More Tips on Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

• Say no to smoking indoors!

• Choose natural perfume-free cleaning supplies to keep your home beautiful. Synthetic cleaners introduce more chemicals into your home.

• If you must dry-clean your clothes, store them in a closet separate from your other clothes. If you can, find a little-used place in your home – such as the basement or garage – and store your dry-cleaned clothes there. If possible, remove your dry cleaning from the plastic bag and air them out before bringing them into your home.
Test your home for radon

• Be sure your gas stove or wood-burning fireplace is well ventilated

• Isn’t it time to redecorate? Get rid of your chemical-laden carpet and replace with wood or tile flooring

• Toss clutter and dust and vacuum often, using a HEPA filter

• Wash your bedding once a week in hot water

• Avoid using all aerosol sprays

Whew! That was a lot to take in, but the good news is that doing a little goes a long way. Open a window, buy a spider plant, and take your shoes off at the front door. You’ll be breathing clean, healthier air in no time.


Five Party Planning Tips for Labor Day and Beyond


Whether you’re hosting a Labor Day party, a game day party or just a fun get-together, you don’t have to break the bank or spend all week prepping. We’ve rounded up some ideas to make your event less “eventful”.

  1. 1. Plan ahead. Choose make-ahead recipes so on party day all you have to do is pop them in the oven or pull them out of the fridge. Also, consider cooking one large type of meat rather than 30 hamburgers or 50 hot dogs. You can also buy a fruit, veggie or cheese tray from your local grocery store.
  2. 2. Keep it simple. Yes, you can make it look Instagram worthy, if that’s your thing, or you can focus on a few simple elements. Flowers from the yard in vases or jars. Coordinating paper plates, napkins, cups, etc. A drink table and a food/dessert table. A simple string of Christmas lights adds ambiance to any deck, porch or backyard.
  3. 3. Keep it fun! Cornhole, KanJam, horseshoes, playing cards and other games get people mingling and laughing together.
  4. 4. Ask for help. Have friends bring the drinks, appetizers or desserts. That’s one less thing you have to worry about.
  5. 5. Don’t sweat it. The simple act of hospitality means more than having a picture-perfect backyard or custom drink options. Enjoy your guests and the opportunity to make them feel at home.

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    Stuart Pro is a family-owned business that believes in putting our customers first. That’s why we want to hear from you. Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you soon.

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      Stuart Pro is a family-owned business that believes in putting our customers first. That’s why we want to hear from you. Fill out the form and we’ll get back to you soon.

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