Throw an Unforgettable Super Bowl Party


You’ve planned your menu, invited your guests, and made sure there is plenty of comfortable seating for everyone around the television. So far, so good. But how do you make a Super Bowl party genuinely unforgettable? We suggest adding fun and memorable party games that people can play at half time, during timeouts, or anytime the game is a little slow. You can award prizes to the winners, or you can play just for fun and bragging rights! Here are some ideas to get you started:

Super Bowl Bingo

Go online and search for ‘Super Bowl Bingo’ or ‘Super Bowl Commercial Bingo’ and there are lots of options to print out. Super Bowl Bingo makes watching football more interactive for everyone as participants try to fill in their cards.

Football Coloring Pages

Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore! Many adults love coloring and consider it a stress-reducing activity. There are lots of printable football coloring sheets online. Print them out, set out the colors, and watch your guests furiously scribble when the game gets tense!

Hula Hoop Football Throw

Hang a few hula hoops at differing heights outdoors. Then designate how far participants must be from the hoops to throw. Whoever gets the most balls through the circle is the winning quarterback. As an extra challenge, participants can also be required to run/jog as they throw the ball.

Football LEGOs

If children are attending your party, a LEGO Football Building Set is sure to be a hit. Children will become immersed in building what they see on the television screen, and we wouldn’t be surprised if quite a few adults ended up playing with the LEGOs as well!

Score the Commercials

For some people, the Super Bowl’s creative commercials are just as entertaining as the game. Make scorecards out of heavy paper or poster boards, and popsicle sticks. You can create your own scoring system, or number the cards 1 – 5 with 1 being ‘Awesome!’ and 5 being ‘Borrrring!’

‘Kick’ the Football through the Goalpost

This game is an update on Pin the Tail on the Donkey. Cut out footballs from construction paper. The balls can be any color, or you can stick to traditional brown. Get some painter’s tape – available at any hardware store – and make a goal post on the wall. Blindfold players, spin them around, and let go! Anyone who manages to stick a football between the upright posts wins!

Halftime Boogie

Not a fan of the band chosen to perform at the Super Bowl halftime show? Turn down the volume on your television and turn up your favorite playlist. Invite everyone to dance around the house. After sitting for so long, it will be a relief to stand up and move around, and dancing will also release some stress if your team is losing.

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