The Most Efficient Way to Heat Your Home in Winter


Did you know that heating expenses can deplete almost half of the average household energy budget? Yikes! This makes energy efficiency a fundamental goal for anyone who would like to reduce costs.

Why is a high-efficiency heating system important?

Cost. High-efficiency heating systems, while more expensive at the outset, can cut ongoing expenses by 50% or more, with the most efficient systems cutting bills by 70%.

Heat Pumps

The most efficient heating systems available are heat pumps. Heat pumps capture heat and moves it from one place to another. They remove heat from your home in the summer to cool your home and bring heat from outdoors for warming during the winter months.

Heat pumps are efficient and easy on the environment. They use less electricity and don’t burn fossil fuels to generate heat, so they don’t generate exhaust.


The 2nd most efficient heating systems are residential furnaces. Older furnaces are inefficient, but newer models can be efficient depending on their AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) rating. A higher AFUE number translates to higher efficiency. An AFUE of 90% and above indicates a high-efficiency system.

The 3 most common types of furnaces are oil, gas, and electricity.


Boilers are the 3rd most efficient heating system. They produce hot water, which is circulated throughout your home via pipes and radiators. Like furnaces, boilers are also rated by AFUE numbers, and a desirable rating is 90% or higher. The most highly efficient boilers are called condensing boilers. These models can reach AFUE ratings of up to 95%.

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