The 411 on campfire safety (so you don’t have to call 911)


Chilly weather means fuzzy sweaters, hot chocolate, and fires. Whether you’re sitting around a fire pit roasting marshmallows or enjoying a blazing bonfire, here are a few tips to keep everyone safe and enjoying the fire.

First of all – what’s the difference between a campfire and a bonfire? Size, mainly. Campfires are small fires while bonfires are much larger (think huge pile of branches, sticks, etc.) and harder to control.

Campfire safety tips:

Always contain the fire in a fire ring, fire pit, etc.

Check the National Weather Service for any red flag fire warnings.

Be aware of the wind and humidity. Dry air and higher winds are prime conditions for starting forest fires from blowing embers.

If using a fire pit, make sure it’s a safe distance from your home.

Once done, extinguish the fire with water and ensure it’s out. If it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave.