Safely Using Space Heaters in Winter


It is much safer, more energy-efficient, and cost-effective to heat your home with an HVAC system. But sometimes, the initial investment can be daunting, and you must heat your living area with a space heater, which can be dangerous.

Keep your family safe by following these space heater safety guidelines.

  • Read all warning labels and manufacturer instructions carefully before using your space heater.
  • Space heaters should always be placed on flat surfaces at least three feet away from everything else, especially anything that can burn, like papers, clothing, and rugs.
  • Placing space heaters on furniture, tables, carpet, etc., is a serious fire hazard.
  • Space heaters should never be used to warm bedding, thaw pipes, or dry clothing.
  • Place space heaters out of high traffic areas and doorways.
  • Never leave a space heater unattended; this includes keeping it plugged in while you are sleeping. Turn it off when you leave a room, and don’t let pets or children play around a space heater. Teach children about the dangers of getting too close to your space heater.
  • Plug space heaters directly into a wall outlet and don’t plug any other devices into the same outlet. Always plug heaters directly into a wall. Don’t use a power strip or extension cord with a space heater, as it can quickly overheat and cause a fire.
  • Inspect your space heater for frayed, worn, or damaged cords and plugs. If you find any damage, do not use your space heater.
  • Make sure your space heater has an automatic shut-off so that if it tips over, it turns off.
  • Turn portable space heaters off and unplug them when you leave the room or go to bed.
  • Install smoke alarms on every floor of your home and outside all sleeping areas.

Other winter heating safety tips can be found here. (

Given the many hazards of using a space heater, you may decide that it is time to upgrade your home’s heating system. Please get in touch with Stuart Pro anytime. We can help you find the safest and most cost-effective heater for your home. We want your family to be safe and warm all winter long. 770.813.1316