Keep Your Cool During Back to School


Whether your kids are excited or less-than-excited for school to start, here are some things you can do to help transition from summer days to school days.

Talk to them. Ask them what they’re looking forward to, what they’re nervous about and more. You’ll get a glimpse into what they’re thinking and can help them figure out ways to overcome any fears or nerves.
• Give them some extra help those first few weeks. It takes a little while to get back into the routine and they may need more time and support. Rushing doesn’t help anyone adjust!
• Have a firm bedtime. Whether they’re in kindergarten or high school, all students need sleep to function well and stay healthy.
• Put technology boundaries in place. Keeping tech out of their bedrooms and limiting screen time is essential to healthy brains and bodies.
• Give them free time. Kids need a chance to unwind and just play. Don’t fill their every free moment with planned activities.
• Plan out some quick and easy meals so you can have a family meal at home, without spending the evening in the kitchen. It’s a good way to connect with your kids after a busy school/work day.