Investing in the Next Generation


Each year, Stuart Pro offers high school scholarships to graduating seniors in our community. It is gratifying for us to hear how the scholarships are helping recipients achieve their academic and career goals. We’d like to share six of them with you.

Noah Martin
I learned about the Stuart Pro scholarship from a friend of mine who works there. After I was chosen for the scholarship, I got to meet Jim and his team. This year was my first official year of college, although I had completed two years of dual enrollment. I finished all of my classes (except one) for an Associate’s in Engineering degree from UNG. The Stuart Pro scholarship paid nearly $500 in institutional fees each semester. It was a huge help. I will be transferring to UGA in the fall to pursue a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering. Thanks again for assisting in my academic journey!

Theresa Owe
My first semester at the University of Georgia transformed the way I perceive the world, life, and myself. I grew and matured more than I ever did throughout high school. I faced many obstacles, but by the end of the semester, I was accepted into the Honors Program and earned a place on the Dean’s List. Ultimately, I see college as a gateway to accomplishing my professional aspirations of becoming a physician, and the scholarship given to me by Stuart Pro Heating and Air has given me the opportunity to do so.

Simone Guerra
The Stuart Pro scholarship has helped me maximize my college experience at the University of Georgia. It gave me the opportunity to join the UGA Rowing Team, intramural soccer, and Air Force ROTC. Team sports have always allowed me to practice my leadership, teamwork, and time management skills. It is also a fantastic way for me to relieve ALL the stress after the chemistry exams and English essays. I have had a fabulous year with all my bulldog brethren and can’t wait to return next year!

Mackenzie Peterson
I was honored to be one of the 2017 recipients of the Stuart Pro Heating & Air scholarships. With the generous proceeds received from the scholarship, I was able to apply the funds to my Fall 2017 tuition.
My first semester at The University of Alabama was an adjustment. It didn’t take long for me to realize, that my high school study habits wouldn’t cut it at the collegiate level. I had to adjust to managing a college class schedule, making new friends, and living with a stranger. I am proud to say that my fall 2017 GPA was a 3.91.

Matthew Daniels
I am having a wonderful year at Oral Roberts University. I have learned some great information in my cinema, television, and digital media classes. My video production skills are really improving. I have made new friends and enjoy participating in campus life. I play on an intramural basketball team and will soon be joining the school’s radio station crew. ORU has an extensive missions program, and I plan to go on an outreach trip before I graduate. I appreciate the part Stuart Pro Heating & Air has played in enabling me to pursue my dreams. Thank you so much.

Emily Hymes
The Stuart Pro Heating & Air scholarship has helped me succeed through my first year of college. I attend Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. This is the school of my dreams! The community and feeling on campus are extremely welcoming, and I can not imagine myself going to school anywhere else. The campus is nestled in a small mountain community with breathtaking views. I have found amazing friends and enjoyed all of my classes. My favorite one is “Into the Wild,” where we went white water rafting in the French Broad River. This scholarship has allowed me to enjoy my first two semesters at Appalachian State. I am so grateful!