Holding a Community Event


It may be hard to believe, but warmer weather is just around the corner! Chances are, there are lots of friends you haven’t seen over the cold winter months. Here are some ideas to bring your community together.

Hold a Trivia Night

A trivia/quiz night is fun for both large and small groups. All you have to do is find a place to hold the event, get some questions together, find an entertaining master of ceremonies, and invite your friends to participate. Once you have a core group of people attending, the numbers begin to expand as your friends form teams.

Don’t forget to encourage friendly competition!

Gather a Gardening Gang

Trivia is fun, but if you’re longing for fresh air and time spent outdoors then gather some like-minded friends and beautify your community together. Find a green space overwhelmed by weeds, a small park that needs some TLC, or even a school whose playground could use some freshening up. Break out your shovel and spades and get to work. Pulling weeds, picking up litter, and planting some flowers can do wonders to a once neglected space. And, best of all, you and your ‘gardening gang’ can take real pleasure in the work you have done.

Swap it up!

Do you have a bike that’s just sitting in your garage? What about shoes and clothes that are still in excellent condition, but your kids have outgrown them? Instead of throwing your stuff out, swap with someone in your community! Exchanges work well in school cafeterias or gyms. Designate a day for everyone to bring in their unwanted items, and let the swapping begin! If you have leftover pieces at the end of the day, bring them to your local Goodwill or other charity shops.

Garage Sale

A garage sale is similar to a swap day except that you collect money instead of swapping. A giant garage sale can be a great way to raise funds for community projects like planting trees, painting public areas, etc.

Holding a community event is a great way to bring people together, get to know your neighbors better, and even make your area a more beautiful place to live.