Happy Houseboating!


With the warmer temperatures coming up, houseboats full of outdoor enthusiasts will soon be hitting the open waters for a day of fun. If you own a houseboat, we have a few maintenance tips for making sure it is ready for adventure. The first few tips can be applied to almost any type of motorboat.

Wash your boat – This is a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often it doesn’t get done. Washing your boat is especially important if it has been in saltwater. Salt residue corrodes metal, fasteners, and other hardware. If it is left long enough, it can even damage your gelcoat. We recommend using Marine boat wash and a soft-bristle boat brush. For houseboats specifically, bottom paint needs to be applied every few years to prevent bottom growth. Some owners have divers scrub the hull periodically as well.

Change your oil – How often you need to change your oil varies by boat mode. Generally speaking, you should change the oil every 100 hours of operation or once a year. This is a relatively easy DIY project with the right tools (extractor pump, oil wrench, etc.). However, local boat dealers do the service as well.

Check the Propeller – A quick inspection can save you a big headache. Look for discarded fishing line, nicks, dents, or other damage. A damaged propeller often vibrates, putting stress on bearings and seals. Also, put a generous amount of waterproof grease on the propeller shaft to prevent corrosion.

Trouble-Free HVAC – A nice cool cabin is so nice on a hot summer day. Stuart Pro is an expert at installing and maintaining HVAC systems in homes and boats of all sizes and shapes. If you have any questions or want us to take a look, schedule a free evaluation and estimate. For details about our houseboat HVAC service, click here.