Four Reasons to Replace Your AC in the Fall


This summer was a scorcher! It’s a relief to be able to welcome the cooler air of fall and forget about your air conditioner until next spring. Except, that’s a really bad idea. 

Before you turn off your AC for the winter, consider having it checked out by Stuart Pro. If your system is older or has been acting up, you might want to have it replaced. 


When you replace your air conditioner in the fall, you are more likely to have a positive outcome for many reasons. Here are the four that have the most impact. 


Time and cooler temperatures are on your side. If your AC fails in the summer, then you will be in a mad rush to get it fixed as quickly as possible. No one wants to suffer through multiple days and nights of sweltering heat. But if you replace your air conditioner in the fall, you have time to consider things like: 

  • Cooling requirements for your home
  • Ductwork and airflow calculations
  • Home improvements made since your old system was installed – such as improved insulation, upgraded windows, or an addition that adds to your square footage

Getting the right system for your home is crucial to efficient and optimum cooling. 

More time means money saved. When you have time to research the best options for your home, it can mean significant savings. An air conditioner that is the perfect size for your home that cools efficiently means that you save on your monthly electric bill.

Things have changed in the last 5, 10, or even 15 years. When was the last time you had your AC switched out? Chances are, it was a long time ago. And things have changed – for the better! 

Modern systems:

  • Are more efficient 
  • Are quieter 
  • Provide superior nighttime comfort
  • Can reduce humidity 
  • Have special techy options like programmable thermostats 

You will be amazed at all the options available to you! 

Your heat pump could be under strain. Does your air conditioner act as a heat pump in the winter? If your answer is yes, then you need to have your system checked in the fall. If your AC wasn’t cooling effectively on the hottest summer days, it would also fail on the coldest days in winter, resulting in higher electric bills. 

We do our best at Stuart Pro to take the stress out of your heating and cooling needs. Just give us a call, and we’ll check your air conditioner out. If it’s good to go for a few more seasons, we’ll let you know. And, if you need to make a change, we’ll walk you through all of your options. Call on us anytime: 770-813-1316