Cool off with a Georgia Waterfall


Ah, the hot, humid Georgia summer days. The days when even the dog doesn’t want to go outside. But we know a few places the entire family can go to cool off and experience some of Georgia’s hidden gems! What are we talking about? Georgia’s waterfalls! There are hundreds of waterfalls scattered throughout our state and some of them make for great family adventures.


For example, Minnehaha Falls is a hidden gem on Lake Rabun. Visitors end up on a windy, narrow road with the lake on one side and the falls on the other. The official falls sign is scratched into the wooden railing that leads to the falls – don’t blink or you’ll miss it. But it’s worth the adventure. It’s a very short, very kid-friendly hike to the falls where the mist and abundant foliage and greenery provide a welcome break from summer heat.


Another easy, half-mile hike is Anna Ruby Falls. A short drive from Helen, this double waterfall is breathtaking. The paved hike up is stroller friendly and includes trail signs for those who enjoy learning more about the area around them. There’s also a gift shop and restrooms at the trailhead.

Interested in seeing more of Georgia’s waterfalls? Here’s a list of 40 must-visit waterfalls in North Georgia.