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Air Conditioning Basics
It’s the time of year kids often dread, and parents celebrate. That’s right. It’s time to head back to school. While parents enjoy the return of a routine, kids will learn and try to keep up with their studies. In solidarity with the kids, parents and homeowners should take some time to learn about some things they need to know.

Owning a home is a big job and a never-ending cycle of learning. This fall, sympathize with the children and take a moment to get familiar with the air conditioner in the home. Understanding a home’s AC can help homeowners make informed decisions about repairs and upgrading. Knowing when to call for AC maintenance can also go a long way toward increasing equipment’s reliability. Here is a short guide from local experts about air conditioning.

Celebrate Back-to-School Season With a Primer on Air Conditioning
Two Common Styles of Air Conditioners
The first thing that homeowners need to understand when it comes to their cooling system is the style of the system in the home, which usually boils down to two common types of air conditioning systems. The most common cooling system in American homes is a style called central air conditioning. Cooled air is distributed through the house with ductwork in a central air conditioning system. These systems are very common and easy to use, with a thermostat that controls the system. They help keep the entire home at the chosen temperature.

The other common style of air conditioning system is a ductless mini split air conditioner. These don’t use air ducts and instead send refrigerant to multiple indoor units. Without ductwork, ductless mini split air conditioning systems have much less opportunity for energy losses and are energy efficient. Mini split air conditioners can also be zone controlled instead of being controlled with one thermostat so each zone can be controlled individually.

Signs That AC Repairs Are Needed
Both styles of air conditioners are reliable and very good at what they do. However, they will need repairs at some point. Some of the signs that an air conditioner needs repairs are:

Calling for an air conditioner repair service as soon as the signs are noticed can prevent the problems from getting worse and out of hand. Always respond quickly when these signs are detected and find a reliable AC contractor.

Celebrate Back-to-School Season With a Primer on Air Conditioning
AC Maintenance
One of the most important things that homeowners need to know to keep their AC running is that the system needs routine maintenance, and the air filters need to be changed around every three months. This keeps dust and grime from clinging to the internal parts of the air conditioner and causing problems, but it also helps keep the air in the home cleaner.

In addition to quarterly filter changes, homeowners should find a reliable AC company to perform routine air conditioning maintenance once a year. Air conditioner maintenance allows contractors a chance to perform essential actions on the machinery that reduces the likelihood of problems and ensures efficient operation. For homeowners looking to reduce energy bills, extend the life of the AC, and reduce AC repair bills, annual AC maintenance is a must.

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